Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to some of the most common questions we are asked below, but if you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us on 08081010926 (UK) or +353 61 518413 (ROI) and our support team will be happy to help.

Swalloweze Clear is a xanthan gum-based powdered instant food and drink thickener.

Swalloweze Clear contains: Xanthan Gum (E415), Maltodextrin, Erythritol (E968).

Yes, there is a scoop included in the 165g tub of Swalloweze Clear. One full level scoop measures 1.9g.

After the tub has been opened, Swalloweze Clear can be used for up to 8 weeks.

Yes, it is essential to achieve best results that the liquid be added to the powder. Place the powder in a clean, dry glass or container first, then add the liquid.

Most fluids with a higher level of protein content typically take longer to thicken. We recommend that milk stand for 5 minutes to achieve the desired consistency.

Yes, you can thicken both coffee and tea with milk added to it. Please make sure you add the milk to the coffee or tea before adding the thickener.

Yes, Swalloweze Clear can be used with both hot and cold liquids.

Yes, Swalloweze Clear is both Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free.

Yes, Swalloweze Clear can be used to thicken hot drinks. We advise that you use a beaker or mug and fork to mix the drink rather than shaking it in a shaker. Please see our ‘Swalloweze Clear – Hints and tips for best result’ information sheet available here .

For cold, non-carbonated liquids such as water, juice or milk, we recommend that you use a Nualtra Swalloweze Clear shaker to mix the liquid and powder together. This method gives the best results. However, you can still use a beaker and a fork to mix the liquid and powder. To ensure this method gives the desired level, it is important to mix the powder and liquid vigorously* for 20-30 seconds before letting it sit and thicken.
*Your stirring action should be similar to that when you’re whisking an egg or stirring custard powder into milk. Water or cordial and water will thicken quickly, usually within 1 minute. However, some liquids such as milk or fresh juices can take up to 3-7 minutes** to thicken, therefore, you should allow extra sitting time before conducting an IDDSI flow test and/or consuming the liquid.
**when using the shaker method. If using a beaker and fork to mix the drink, times may vary and can take up to 10 minutes. For carbonated and hot drinks, we recommend that you use a beaker and fork to mix the powder and liquid. Please see our ‘Swalloweze Clear - Hints and tips for best results’ resource for more information available here .

Yes, Nualtra oral nutritional supplements can be thickened with Swalloweze Clear if required. Please see our Supplement thickening guidelines, available here .

To ensure the drink passes an IDDSI spoon or fork test, 7 scoops of Swalloweze Clear are required per 200ml of liquid. A level 4 consistency is significantly thicker than a level 3, therefore, this number of scoops are required.

Once a drink has reached its desired level, it will remain at that level until the drink is consumed or discarded. Usually by 10 minutes the drink will have reached the maximum thickness it will be.

Yes, Swalloweze Clear can mix well with Movicol. Please see our ‘Swalloweze Clear - Hints and tips for best results’, ‘Supplement thickening guidelines’ and ‘Movicol thickening guidelines’ resources available here

Every food and drink thickener product on the market will have some similarities and differences. Product formulation will vary from company to company meaning each product will perform slightly differently. Scoop size will vary to ensure instructions for use are effective and efficient, ensuring the correct IDDSI levels are reached.

IDDSI levels and previous descriptors for texture modified food and fluids are different, therefore, to achieve compliant IDDSI level fluids a slightly different number of scoops are required.

Swalloweze Clear contains 22.8mg sodium per 1.9g scoop.